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NetLandia - Instant website
What do we mean by "Fast & Easy"..?

fastneasyWe made the procedure to become visible in internet as simple and as clear that all is needed are a few minutes of your time.

Right after choosing your package you think most suited to your needs, you fill in some necessary data and in just a few minutes your site is installed into our server and available online, with the skin of your choise and there you go!.. 

From now on 24/7/365 you may add/modify your contents and look of your powerful site, from whereever there's an internet connection for you to login..

Your almost-custom-made site instantly!

Instant custom made website?Have you heard a lot of people saying that they can make for you a professional looking web instantly, and with the possibility of extending it whenever you like, youself?.. NOBODY!..

The idea to offer professional looking webs and affordable to everybody, was born when we ourselves found out, the hard way, that promotion by radio/tv costs a lot while at the same time our everyday user/consumer serfs almost everyday the net, to do shopping, get informed, look for newsuppliers, etc.

Internet, besides of being one more promotional channel, is the biggest commercial mall of the world, and what if not the best for someone being able to visit your business 24/7/365, with the simplicity of using it's own pc in order to find out, at any time, what you offer, your products and services at a click distance!!

No more "what you pay is what you get"..

Don't get yourself burn when its about your web presence!..

Not surprisingly you may have "gotten burn" in the past,  in cases you were advised that applies the "what you pay is what you get"..

Well, this maybe applies to a lot of things, but not anymore for your web presence.. or at least not with the one of the kind we offer you here.

We get the job done consciously, we offer quality at the right price, we deliver instantly and not "next week.." and what you see is what you get, at the most affordable prices in the net, in order to make it easier for you to get "interneted"!!

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On the go..

In less than 15 minutes, your page is installed in our servers and.. there you go!! From now on and 24/7/365 you may modify/add contents in your site as long as you're connected to internet.. and of course this is only the beginning.. choose the look and feel of your site from thousands of ready made skins, free and commercials, that we may customize for you if necessary for a minimum cost.

Fast & easy

Adding text, options, menus, information, photos, etc., all within a mouse click, easily and on the snap!. the whole page is stored in a database and managed from Joomla, the most advanced content management system, that stores everything and allow you for an easy and direct handling of all of your information, either from you as the web administrator or anybody else with all or partial access to your contents.


The flexibility and addons variety of the product we're offering is really spectacular.. proof of it is this page itself you're reading at!. Now or in the future you may have additional functionalities by installing thousands of ready made free or commercial addons, yourself or by using our low cost services. Addons like forums, event calendars, online chats, news feeds, product catalogs or e-commerce modules, may be installed in just few minutes!