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Joomla! is used for?

Joomla! is used for?
All of the Above!
5  29.4%
Community Sites
4  23.5%
Public Brand Sites
3  17.6%
3  17.6%
Photo and Media Sites
2  11.8%
0  0%
0  0%

Number of Voters  :  17
First Vote  :  Monday, 09 October 2006 14:01
Last Vote  :  Tuesday, 22 February 2011 16:12

On the go..

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Fast & easy

Adding text, options, menus, information, photos, etc., all within a mouse click, easily and on the snap!. the whole page is stored in a database and managed from Joomla, the most advanced content management system, that stores everything and allow you for an easy and direct handling of all of your information, either from you as the web administrator or anybody else with all or partial access to your contents.


The flexibility and addons variety of the product we're offering is really spectacular.. proof of it is this page itself you're reading at!. Now or in the future you may have additional functionalities by installing thousands of ready made free or commercial addons, yourself or by using our low cost services. Addons like forums, event calendars, online chats, news feeds, product catalogs or e-commerce modules, may be installed in just few minutes!