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With a well thought-out strategy and realistic expectations, a business or organization can have a highly successful Web site created for them.

The Web is a new medium with new rules, and in order to achieve an effective presence, one must be aware of the various types of Web sites and the roles that they can play. When you place your business on the Web to communicate information or to market your products or services, you are in touch with the whole wide world. And what the world sees and experiences at your Web site, can either enhance or hinder your communications and marketing efforts.

Let's say you're a wool sweater expert and you've decided to start your own Internet business. Well, great! But exactly what sort of business do you want? While you could simply knit a bunch of sweaters and sell them on a Web site, you'll want to consider your options first: You could start an online sweater auction, create a site for online custom sweater design, build a wool sweater information portal, or get together with your knitting buddies to sell all your different products from one site. These are just several Web business models you could choose.

Each Web business model draws on certain skills and will entail a certain set of responsibilities. Each will have a different source of profit. You'll need to understand the type of Web site functionality required for each one and what components can provide this capability, so that you can estimate your associated costs.

Let's examine the three most common Web business models: product sales (selling goods), service sales (offering services), and information delivery (providing an informational Web site).

Here's an explanation of how that model works, along with information on the responsibilities, costs, and profits associated with it.

  • Web Business Model: Product Sales
    A Web business based on product sales is about selling a physical, shippable product online. The three main ways to sell products on the Web are by storefront, auction, and online mall, which is a site that offers products from different vendors.
  • Web Business Model: Service Sales
    Services, as well as products, can be sold via the Internet. Examples of a service sales business model for the Web are online brochures that describe your service and provide contact information, online malls that offer services from different vendors on one site, and service sites that bring an automated version of an offline service to the Web.
  • Web Business Model: Information Delivery
    There are several Web models for making money by delivering information. The most common models are online publications and portals.

Of course, the e-commerce possibilities can go as far as your imagination can take you. Sometimes you can combine two or more of the models we've listed here, and there are many other variations that are far too numerous to mention.

To be effective in your Web presence, you should be able to confidently answer "yes" to the following questions:

  • Can people see at first glance what types of services you offer them?
  • Is it easy for people to find the specific information for which they are looking?
  • Does the "look" of your site present people with the image of you that you want them to have?
  • Are the graphics of professional quality, and optimized for use on Web pages?

NetLandia WebFactory can help you feel secure in answering "yes" to each of these questions, by professionally assisting you in designing your Web site, along with promoting it effectively. Upon sign-up, with any pack you select, we provide you with a set of free popular tools to choose for your site and become productive in a very short period of time, depending your skills.

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In less than 15 minutes, your page is installed in our servers and.. there you go!! From now on and 24/7/365 you may modify/add contents in your site as long as you're connected to internet.. and of course this is only the beginning.. choose the look and feel of your site from thousands of ready made skins, free and commercials, that we may customize for you if necessary for a minimum cost.

Fast & easy

Adding text, options, menus, information, photos, etc., all within a mouse click, easily and on the snap!. the whole page is stored in a database and managed from Joomla, the most advanced content management system, that stores everything and allow you for an easy and direct handling of all of your information, either from you as the web administrator or anybody else with all or partial access to your contents.


The flexibility and addons variety of the product we're offering is really spectacular.. proof of it is this page itself you're reading at!. Now or in the future you may have additional functionalities by installing thousands of ready made free or commercial addons, yourself or by using our low cost services. Addons like forums, event calendars, online chats, news feeds, product catalogs or e-commerce modules, may be installed in just few minutes!


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